Japanese paper lantern 日本語ページ

Miyoshi’s store 
has about 400
years history of
making lanterns.

Miyoshi’s store
is the most historic
in Japan.


      Masanobu Miyoshi 

 (The 11th in the line of Sanuki Chochin.an expert of Art)
  ・ a traditional craftsman specified by Kagawa Prefecture
  ・ a prominent craftsman of the world in 1995

 Adress:13−10 Fujitukachou 1−Chome Takamatsu.Kagawa.

       TEL  087−831−8008  
         FAX  087−831−8009

 The Craftsman’s History

   Year    an item/contents

  1986    Won a distinguished service prize for Kindergarten Education.
            Services toward the develoment of Kindergarten education.
  1988    Participated in EXPO’88 in Ausralia                      
            Demonstrated how to make the Sanuki Chochin.
          *Won a ground prize award to advertisement designed
          in the yellow book
             From NTT
          *Restored Konpira Kabuki chochin  
            Restored a fine color print chochin of Edo Era,
  1989    Held an exhibition in West Coast of U.S.A.and various places 
          in Europe 
            Exhibited Sanuki Chochin 
  1990    Participated in EXPO’90 Osaka 
                     (International Green and Flower Exhibition) 
          Demonstrated the making of Chochin  shaped flower(like lotuses)
             at the Japanese Govemment booth.
  1991   *Participated in the Japan Home Town Fair ’91  
             Introduced and demonstrated how to make the biggest chochin 
             in the world.at Tokyo Dome
         *Participated in the Japan festival in Singapore.
             Exhibited and demonstration of Chochin.
  1992   *Presented Sanuki Chochin to China.
             Presented Sanuki Sanju Ippongake Chochin via 
             Kagawa Prefectural office.
         *Participated in EXPO’92 in Spain.
             Exhibited Sanuki Chochin 
         *Participated in the international Ship and Sea  Exhibition in Italy.
             Demonstrated aerial apuarium of Chochin and 
            exhibited 124 kinds of chochins shaped fish.
         *Made the biggest Chochin formed Daikon  (radish) in Japan.
             For Tokyo Nerima Festival as a symbol.
  1993   *Awarded a great International prize of Art,
          An order of Cultural Awarded.
             For meritorious deed of Sanuki Ippongake. 
         *Participated in EXPO’93 in Germany.
             Exhibited Sanuki Chochin.
         *Exhibited the Chochin in the presence of the Emperor 
          at the 48th National Athletic Meet.
             Demonstrated and explained Sanuki Chochin to the Emperor.
         *Awarded a medal of honor in Art.
             For Achievement of the specialized field from the American 
             Cultural foundation.
  1995   *Awarded athe Grand International Prize
             Nominated a master craftsman 
         *Paraticipated the third National Art Festival
             Explained the chochin to Prince and Princes Takamado no Miya.
  1996   *Joined Takamatsu Winter Festival
             Exhibited Santa−Claus’Family made from the materials used 
            in the chochinlantern(A Happy bell)
  1997   *Awarded a bounty prize of Takamatsu City.
             For contribtion to the developing culture of Takamatsu city
         Yokosuka Art hall 
            Played the guitar made from the materlals used for a Chochin lantern
            (a special musical instrument for the sight and hearing impaired )